Short-term joint staff training events

Short-term joint staff training events organized under the LiveNutrition "Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas" project funded by Programme Erasmus+ KA2 Vocational Education and Training took place from 05/12/2016 till 16/12/2016 in four partner countries: Poland (Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences), Turkey (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University), Italy (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori dell Umbria in Perugia) and Romania (National Research Development Institute  for Animal Biology and Nutrition).

The aim of the short-term joint staff training events was intended for staff of project partner institutions and their aim was to transfer best practices, know-how and innovations in the area of rational livestock feeding, vocational education and methods of enhancement of academic-based knowledge and skills transfer to rural areas. Staff of all partner institutions participating in trainings of the LiveNutrition project had an opportunity to learn innovative strategies of livestock nutrition implemented in project partner countries aimed at optimization of livestock production by increase its profitability and mitigation of negative impact of animal production on natural environment. Widely discussed were the issues of dissemination activities of the main products of the project - an e-learning platform and compendium "Rational livestock nutrition in rural areas." To this end, a series of international meetings were organized with target groups of the project: farmers, feed manufacturers, veterinarians and students of agricultural vocational schools, whose aim was to ensure the greatest possible impact of the project on the target groups, as well as the longest possible use of e-learning platform after the completion of the project.

Participation of partners institutions in international short-term joint staff training events besides the measurable benefits for the quality of the project and, above all, main products developed during project implementation, entailed a lot of so-called added value of which cannot be ignored gain new experiences and skills of employees participating in training and establishing new professional contacts that hopefully will result in future cooperation and implementation of new projects.

International conference LiveNutrition – “Rational livestock nutrition in rural areas”

23rd of September took place organized by Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences International Conference LiveNutrition – “Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas”.

Conference participants, both from Poland as well as from project partner countries – Turkey, Italy, Romania and Hungary, had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with rationales of the LiveNutrition Project and project main products – LiveNutrition e-learning platform and handbook. Towards the undisguised satisfaction of the organizers and the consortium implementing the LiveNutrition project presented the results of intellectual work met with a very positive response and great interest, especially people who are professionally involved with issues related to animal nutrition and wanted to improve their knowledge, skills and competence in this area. Outputs was also received positively by persons directly involved in specialist education – academic teachers and teachers of vocational education on livestock and agriculture what enforce that created curriculum may provide good background materials in education taking into consideration both professional content as well as innovative methods of its presentation.

Organizers would like to thank to all of conference participants as well as lecturers as targets’ groups representatives for interesting lectures and active and constructive discussion

LiveNutrition International Conference "Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas"

We are pleased to invite all interested in rational nutrition of livestock to the participation in LiveNutrition International Conference “Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas” which will take place on 23rd September 2016 in Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Chełmońskiego Street 38c, Auditorium Zootechnicum.

Conference admission is free of charge. For registration to the conference, please contact
- email: until 5th September 2016.
Within a few days of your registration, you will receive a confirmation together with travel, accomodation and other practical information.

We very much look forward seeing you this September in Wroclaw!



LiveNutrition project dissemination

LiveNutrition project dissemination .. :-) 13th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY AND NUTRITION, The National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition and “DAIRY LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION IN EASTERN EUROPE” – workshops, Baloteşti Rumunia, 15-16 October 2015. Thank You all for interesting :-)

About the project

This project intends to develop a curriculum for livestock breeders trainers, especially in rural areas. Unfortunately, still there are a lot various problems related to the livestock nutrition in European countries because animal feeding and management systems in Europe include both highly developed systems in the west and less intensive systems especially in rural areas of the east. The problem is that many livestock farmers still do not have the necessary skills in terms of innovation,  diversification,  livestock nutrition and development of local services. 

Adequate nutrition is essential for profitability of production but educational level of farmers in area of animal nutrition is not sufficient for rational livestock  feeding. The knowledge of livestock production supporters such as nutritionists, feed manufacturers in rural areas is also not sufficient. It is necessary to transfer of new methods of livestock nutrition  to the East European farmers to improve their knowledge and to make them familiar with the best methods of feed production, animal diet formulation according to modern feeding systems with respect to financial and physiological aspects as well as  modern and environment friendly methods of production.

The project outputs will be an innovative, accredited curriculum, an e-learning course  platform and a handbook on livestock nutrition skills that cover the comprehensive and update knowledge on animal feeding. LIVENUTRITION will define the needs of rural livestock  breeders in participating countries and  adapt the curriculum and materials to specific regional and national needs, add modules and chapter on further issues such as rational animal nutrition, health protection of livestock and protection and  development of pasture, also healthy animal products,  quality criteria in the meat and milk, scientific methods in the fighting against nutritional diseases, the use of renewable energy and the sustainable use of water and forage crops, and other major challenges for rural regions in Europe. The transfer of knowledge and good practice between consortium members and target groups of the project (farmers, nutritionists, feed manufacturers, livestock consultants,  teachers in vocational education on livestock, agriculture advisors)  will be based on B-learning methods involving traditional (direct contact with instructor) and M-learning methods using ICT tools.

The project outcomes will be also useful for the development of a reference framework for research, higher education and training on livestock management and mobility opportunities for students and workers. The project can be therefore also considered  useful for further development of teaching materials in other fields linked to animal production, animal health, feed management and balanced agriculture.