International conference LiveNutrition – “Rational livestock nutrition in rural areas”

23rd of September took place organized by Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences International Conference LiveNutrition – “Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas”.

Conference participants, both from Poland as well as from project partner countries – Turkey, Italy, Romania and Hungary, had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with rationales of the LiveNutrition Project and project main products – LiveNutrition e-learning platform and handbook. Towards the undisguised satisfaction of the organizers and the consortium implementing the LiveNutrition project presented the results of intellectual work met with a very positive response and great interest, especially people who are professionally involved with issues related to animal nutrition and wanted to improve their knowledge, skills and competence in this area. Outputs was also received positively by persons directly involved in specialist education – academic teachers and teachers of vocational education on livestock and agriculture what enforce that created curriculum may provide good background materials in education taking into consideration both professional content as well as innovative methods of its presentation.

Organizers would like to thank to all of conference participants as well as lecturers as targets’ groups representatives for interesting lectures and active and constructive discussion